Protect a Cow

A Few Cow Facts

  • A milk cow can drink 10 gallon of water at a time
  • Cows eat 30-40 lbs of hay a day
  • Cows can produce 80-100 lbs of manure per day

Why cows do so many cows go to slaughter each year? Commercial dairy cows are pushed for maximum milk production with hormones and a rich diet which is not natural or healthy for them. At the age of 3-5 years they are sent to auction, even if they are still healthy and productive. This is because farmers have such a small profit margin, that they cannot afford any vet bills; they keep only the youngest and most productive cows.

After a few years of service, making the milk that we all enjoy, dairy cows go to fast food restaurants. The male cows are used for veal or go to steak houses. The normal life span of a cow would be 20-25 yrs.

Compassionate Cow Farm Haven provides humane alternative to these stark realities for cows today. You can make a difference. Join us. Get involved today.


This is Chintamani, rescued as a pregnant heifer.



  Here is Chintamani at 18 years old with her daughter Radhey, (16)

(Chin-tom-ah-nee) with (Rod-hay)