Farm Tours & Custom Programs

Visit the Animals- Barn Tours by Appointment

Barn Tours Are a Big Attraction for Adults and Children Alike
Most of our guests’ children have little or even no opportunity, to interact with any type of animals during their daily lives in the USA. Visitors tell us that the time spent playing with live animals and seeing first hand where their milk comes from is a life changer for their children.

Milking Demonstration
When we give a milking demonstration we start off by asking the children if they know where the milk they drink comes from. Parents are often surprised to learn that their children think that milk comes from the supermarket. No Kidding. They often don’t know that milk comes from a cow!

Custom Programs- We will design a program for your family or group.

  • Learn to make Butter, Bread, Yogurt, Panir or Cheese.
  • Learn how to start a Back Yard Garden, or Compost Pile.

Nature Programs- Learn what the birds in your back yard are saying.

  • Sit with the Birds and become a Living Bird Feeder. (This is a winter activity only.)

Nature Activities
We use the Kamana Naturalist Training program put together by Wilderness Awareness School to give workshops in Bird Language. Local children come in the winter to help feed the birds. Those with enough patience to stand outside on a cold day are rewarded by the delightful presence of winged friends.