Aims & Objectives

 Aims (desired impact)

  • Improve the lives of as many cows as possible through rescue and education
  • Encourage the presence of Goshalas in every geographical region
  • Help Goshalas become financially self sufficient through educational programs
  • Support Goshalas with cow care and pasture management

Educational Objectives (why we do it)

  • The Indian agriculture model is based on ancient principles of wisdom and compassion, wherein human society meets its needs for food and resources sustainably, while simultaneously providing compassionate, lifetime care of cows and responsible stewardship of the earth.
  • Reconnect people with cows, nature and their food supply
  • Help people understand the impact of their food choices
  • Promote compassionate vegetarian lifestyle
  • Influence a shift in consciousness towards a simpler more natural way of life by supporting local food, local economy and appropriate scale technology

Outcomes (What We Do)

  • Run a Goshala, (Cow Haven), to provide compassionate care of cows and other farm animals
  • Provide educational programs with specific emphasis on children and families
  • Provide consulting services for goshalas and for communities wishing to start a goshala
  • Develop goshala template based on a long term plan containing key concepts for success
  • Develop a goshala safety net to share knowledge and skills between goshalas


If you would like to help improve the lives of cows, please join us. Volunteer your skills.