About Us

The Compassionate Cow Project is a Goshala, (an Indian style cow sanctuary). All animals receive lifetime protection.

In a Goshala environment, each cow is treated with respect and care. any cows that are giving milk when they are rescued are allowed to nurse their calves and interact with them. If the cows' own calves are not available, attempts are made to allow them to adopt and nurse an orphaned calf to help them in the their healing process.

Because cows give more milk than calves can drink, excess milk may be taken for human consumption. Cows receive lifetime protection in exchange for their many gifts to human society. Cows that are treated with love are contented by nature and not afraid of humans.

CCP is a growing nonprofit and a cultural living history museum. We cater to university students, Yoga groups, the Hindu American Community and anyone with a sincere interest in sustainable agriculture and compassion for animals. Our programs showcase the cows' central role in India's cultural heritage and the key to a regenerative agricultural system.


cows_and_kids_(32)sara_sm.jpg     cows_and_kids_sara_sm_(39).jpg

Sara, (Saranagati) rescued at 3 days old                                      Sara Running free

volunteer_feed_bottle_to_rescued_calf_sm.jpg      shanti_sara_nursingsm.jpg

 Volunteeers feed a bottle to Sara                                                Sara, nursing from her adopted grandmother, Shanti